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ZOHO Connect

Zoho Connect

Bring your team together

Zoho Connect is a team collaboration software that brings people and the resources they need to one place, making it easier to get work done. From keeping your workplace communication organized, to managing the resources your team needs, to staying in syn with your other apps, Zoho Connect makes your team’s work easier.

When information is easily accessible, when processes are automated and when your  team’s schedule stays updated, work gets done effectively. Boost team productivity by getting our in-built tools to work alongside your team.

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Post and Feeds

  • Like

    Liking a content shows the opinions of coworkers. Get insights about the posts that are highly influential among your audience.

  • Comment

    Collaborate in real-time. Post comments, share an update with your network or ask for feedback.

  • Poll

    Poll is another great way to engage your audience. Get instant insights to your new ideas. An easy way to gauge the pulse of a view-point with your audience.

Company Feeds

Company stream is stream of activities happening in your company. It is aggregation of all activities in one place.

Company Stream

  • Information Feed

    Know who is working on what and participate in discussions to engage and share your thoughts with everyone.

  • Instant Updates

    Instant information-sharing improves productivity and greatly reduces the amount of time spent on communication.

  • Private Messages

    You can start a private conversation with one or many colleagues, adding additional participants at any time.

  • Notifications

    Notifications inform you of new activity that matters most to you. You can take action on each notification right from the notifications menu, like commenting on a post or following someone.

  • @Mentions

    It is a way of getting someone’s attention. A specific call out to employees or teams you are addressing your information.

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