Zoho Alliance Partner


Zoho CRM platform is a classic software for ‘service on demand’  application. It gives you total control over application development and  solution deployment. Zoho CRM can create custom web applications and  deliver them quickly. In addition, it overcomes many of the difficulties that are usually  encountered by anyone trying to provide such a solution independently. Includes hosting solution on expensive servers, servers maintenance and backup, database management, etc. 

Moreover, Zoho CRM system is a general management system of all the tiers related to increasing customer base, customers management and retention.

We at Kiwi Customer Relationship Management can implement
the right tools under a single gateway (Single Sign On (SSO)) that fits your business model.

KiwiCRM.co.nz can help you with acquiring new customers, expanding your business and handle customer relationship management, while maximizing your return on investment.

Call us for a free of charge, no obligation, with questions and inquiries and we will take it from there.