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Zoho CRM Start up guide

We understand that your business needs are advanced. Of course you could be using Zoho Apps which are already integrated with Zoho CRM, but a good solution may require connectivity to other important systems.
Therefor Kiwi CRM used Zoho KPI’s to develop synchronization to 3’rd party systems: Xero,MYOB, Attache Pro, Quick Books and other accounting systems.

We can even synchronize between Zoho CRM to Mail Chimp Google Apps, your Website and to your Calendars.

This way the relevant information will be passed and shared, and you would not face double entry of data. This would also save you from missing important updates on your accounting system for instance. Your customer information will be updated only once in your desired system to support your business needs.

You can use the Zoho CRM API to integrate the following types of applications

Kiwi CRM Integration to 3rd Partys using Zoho API

The integration is done while using Zoho CRM API's (Application Programming Interface)

With the Zoho CRM API, you can extract CRM data in XML or JSON format and develop new applications or integrate with your existing business applications. As the Zoho CRM API is independent of programming languages, you can develop applications in any programming language (Java, .Net, C, C++, PHP, etc.).